Friday, November 13, 2015

Thank you to all the Vets!!

Thank you to all who came to celebrate at the Cafe' on Wednesday, November 11th. We appreciate your service!!! 

These are some of the pictures from the event, along with names of local Mosquito /Swansboro Vets.  

Here is the list of all those Veterans who were in attendance:

Buck Adams-Air Corp-WWII
Charles Marotta-Army and Air Force-WWII
Lou Bacigalup-Army-WWII
Ralph Behymer-Air Force-Korea
Larry Metsker-Navy 1958-1962
Melrose Joyner-Air Force-Korea
Richard "Dick" Rood-Navy-Korea
Jerry Avery-Navy-Korea and Vietnam
Glenn Lewis-Navy Seabees-Vietnam
Ken Vogele-Coast Guard-Vietnam
Nick Heyart-DV2 Navy IC4-Vietnam
Joe Snyder-Army-Vietnam Era
Ray Morris-Navy-Vietnam
Tom Harris-Army-Vietnam Era
Roger Stenbock-Army-Vietnam
Gail Rajchel-Air Force-Vietnam Era
Wayne Holly-AirForce-Vietnam Era
Jim Burkhalter-Navy-Vietnam
Jim Sorenson-Air Force-Vietnam
"Critter" Don Reid-Army-Vietnam Era
Ralph Hern Vietnam
Milo Laguna-Army/Nat'l Guard-Vietnam Era/Desert Shield-Storm

This information was pulled from the Mosquito/Swansboro Facebook page.

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