Additional information

  • Current MVFA Board Directors are:
    • Eileen Reisner:     Chair
      Kim Purcell :         Vice Chair
      Paula Paynter:      Secretary
      Sandi Brauns:       Director
      Teresa Wren:        Director
      Mary Williams:      Treasurer
  • The MVFA board meets each month on the 1st Thursday of the month at the Fire Station on Rock Creek Road at 7pm.

  • Articles and ads for the Mosquito Byte newsletter are due by the 19th of the month. Please email submissions to Rob Kirkpatrick at
  • Information for this website, including pictures, should be sent to We are always interested in receiving pictures that show off our beautiful community and its residents!
Disclaimer: Comments made by board members on social media or other venues are their individual opinions, and may not represent the MVFA board as a whole.

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