MVFA Mission Statement

The MVFA Board Member responsibilities require us to 1) be true in thought and work to the mission of MVFA/Mosquito Community, and 2) make sure that our community affairs are always aligned with MVFA goals. These goals and responsibilities, as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws, include the following:

1. Provide community activities for the entire community. Examples include community dinners and picnics,food closet for those in need, food baskets and gifts for needy families and shut-ins in the community, food bags for the firefighters and support group on extended duty, Fourth of July fireworks when permissible, written communication/information regarding the fire department, MVFA, SCPOA, and other community news via the Mosquito Byte.

2. Provide monetary and physical assistance to the Mosquito Volunteer Fire Department and its personnel when requested by the Mosquito Fire Chief. Important items provided in the past include a new stove for the fire station, lighted cones, stop signsfold down emergency signs and CPR mannequins.

3. Manage specific donations from the community directed to MVFA for fire district/department use only, which in the past have included a large wooden table, licensed computer software, wood flooring, paint,stones for front stonework, furniture presently in the Fire Chief’s office, three television sets, etc.

4. Sponsor the Firehouse Crafters, whose income is devoted to the various needs in small equipment for the Mosquito Fire Station, the Support Group and other building needs of the fire station. Examples include window blinds, sheet rock for the apparatus room, a shower stall, etc.

5. Support and maintain our Finnon Lake property, which includes Franks Diner, Finnon Lake Campground and Finnon Lake, providing community recreation as well as being an important water source for fire suppression and fire department training needs. This property is capable of supporting itself, thanks to the volunteers of the community who have donated untold numbers of hours and monetary contribution.

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